Back to Normal Sooner with OraVerse

Keeping Your Appointment Short and Sweet!

We know that you have a busy schedule. Sometimes it’s difficult to make time for a dental appointment. The last thing you want is to have to spend several more hours after your appointment recovering from the numbing effects of the anesthetic.

How Kamkar Family & Gentle Dentistry Helps: We Reverse Numbness With OraVerse

At Kamkar Family & Gentle Dentistry, we believe that providing the best possible care also means minimizing your downtime! That’s why we use a “numbness reversal” product called OraVerse to get you back to your normal life, faster. OraVerse brings patients who have received anesthesia back to normal sensation in half the time!

Some dental practices do not use Oraverse, which results in numbness in your lips and jaw for up to four hours. This depends on the type of procedure that was performed.

After sedation, Dr. Paymon has noticed that some patients tend to bite their cheek or lips. Sometimes this can cause a sore that lasts for days or the patient may bite so hard that it causes bleeding. We want your experience here at Kamkar Family & Gentle Dentistry to be the most comfortable it can be. This is one of the reasons that Dr. Paymon uses OraVerse with many patients after anesthesia.

After your appointment, OraVerse helps the recovery time significantly. Your speech and sensation will come back much quicker using this product. Say goodbye to slurred speech and drooling!

Your comfort is our priority before, during, and after any procedure. If you have questions about OraVerse, please give us a call at 360-352-6399 or send us an email.